Pleural Catheter with Flexible Introducer

The unique Portex Flexible Introducer has been designed to follow modern trauma and emergency management techniques of chest injury patients which preclude the use trocars to insert drains. It satisfies the need to establish chest drainage rapidly with minimal risk of causing further internal injury to the patient.

Product Benefits

  • Catheter
    • Kink-resistant smooth finish PVC
    • Radio-opaque line
    • Large smooth finish drainage eyes
    • Depth markings
    • Integral size-specific large bore and tapered connector
  • Flexible Introducer
    • Malleable polythene-covered stainless steel
    • 280mm length
    • Marked for correct positioning within the catheter
    • Assists greatly with the blunt dissection technique by providing a degree of rigidity to aid and control insertion
    • Avoids the risks associated with the use of trocars
    • Can be shaped to best suit clinician needs and patient anatomy
    • Specifically designed to match the catheter size

Product Specifications

Pleural Catheter with Flexible Introducer

Pleural Catheter with Flexible Introducer SOFT (Lt Blue Line)

Reorder CodeSizeOD (mm)Pleural Catheter with Flexible Introducer STD
(Dk Blue Line)
200/804/20020 F6.60mm200/806/200
200/804/24024 F7.92mm200/806/240
200/804/28028 F9.24mm200/806/280
200/804/32032 F10.56mm200/806/320
200/804/36036 F11.88mm200/806/360
Notes: Reorder code refers to SOFT (Lt Blue Line) option.

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