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Bivona® TTS Fixed Neck Flange Extra Length Hyperflex Tracheostomy Tubes

The flexible Hyperflex wire reinforced silicone shaft is designed to help improve kink resistance. The TTS (tight to shaft) cuff design offers the benefit of a cuff with the profile of a cuffless tube. This product can be easily identified by the black print on the neck flange and by the clear Pilot Balloon.

Product Benefits

  • Silicone remains soft and flexible in the trachea
  • Clip-in obturator with hollow tip allows for changing of tube over a guidewire
  • Wire reinforcement may decrease the risk of kinking

Product Specifications

Bivona® TTS Fixed Neck Flange Hyperflex Extra Length Tracheostomy Tubes

Reorder CodeID (mm)OD (mm)Length (mm)
Notes: Packaged individually sterile with clip-in obturator, twill tacheostomy tie and cap plug.
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