Portex® Blue Line® Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tubes

Improving spontaneous respiration and vocalisation

An uncuffed Blue Line Ultra® tube can be used to aid swallowing and communication for patients who do not need to be on a ventilator.

Uncuffed Blue Line Ultra® tracheostomy tubes can be used when a cuff is no longer needed either for ventilation or to prevent aspiration. In the event of the tracheostomy becoming blocked the patient may be able to breathe around the tube.

The Blue Line Ultra® provides a clear, flexible, anatomically shaped neck flange which adapts to the movements of the patient’s head helping to reduce irritation and allows for cleaning and visualisation of the stoma site and underlying skin.

A wide range of sizes, including half sizes from 6.0mm to 10.0mm allow the clinician to find the best and most comfortable fit for a patient.

Thermosensitive PVC provides initial firmness which aids insertion and softens at body temperature, adapting to the patients airway. The clear, transparent design of the Blue Line Ultra® provides easy identification of tube soiling.

The Blue Line Ultra® is made from radiopaque material making the tube x-ray visible to help assist correct tube placement.

The smooth, arc shaped design with tapered tip is designed to assist placement and removal of both tracheostomy tube and inner cannula with minimal disruption to patient’s anatomy.

Blue Line Ultra® fenestration tubes are available which help the weaning and vocalisation process. The tubes multiple fenestrations help reduce the risk of occlusion and prevent the suction catheter from passing through the fenestrated opening and entering the trachea.

The tube has an integral 15mm connector, allowing for patient ventilation with or without an inner cannula in place.

Blue Line Ultra® kits include tracheostomy tube, two inner cannulae, cleaning brush and tracheostomy tube holder to provide secure and minimise tube movement.

Product Benefits

Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® Tracheostomy Tubes are intended to maintain patency of a patient’s airway and prevent aspiration:

  • Clear flange allows clear visualisation of the patient’s stoma and underlying skin
  • The 15mm connector on the tube, not inner cannula allows connection to the ventilator with or without the inner cannula for enhanced safety
  • Hollow obturator allows new tubes to be fed over a guidewire to aid proper placement
  • The obturator features special clip design to minimise tube tip movement during insertion which may lead to a more comfortable patient experience
  • Available with fenestrations to aid phonation
  • Compatible with the Orator™ speaking valve to aid vocalisation
  • The tube is easier to replace and removes the risk of tracheal damage caused by the inflation of a cuff

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