UniPerc® Adjustable Flange Extended-Length Tracheostomy Tubes

Portex®, the leading brand of airway products from ICU Medical, has developed a unique new range of percutaneous tracheostomy tubes and kits specially designed for patients with large neck anatomy, where standard kits are inappropriate because the tracheostomy tube and procedural components are too short. Fully flexible design, the Inner Cannula’s soft material bends to the shape of the tracheostomy tube, made from PTFE the Inner Cannula non-stick surface minimises secretion adherence.

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for patients with up to 50 mm of pre-tracheal soft tissues.
  • Graduated reinforced PVC material provides a high level of flexibility with ultimate kink resistance.
  • Tapered tip to assist insertion and help minimize trauma to the tracheal wall.
  • Curved for maximum patient comfort.
  • MRI conditional - Instructions for Use must be followed for use during Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • The distinctive markings on the tube permit easy setting of the flange at the correct depth.
  • Large transparent flexible wings for improved patient comfort.
  • Positive locking clamp:
    • Simple to use with positive feel and visual confirmation.
  • Supplied with a dedicated flexible Inner Cannula;
    • The unique design of the Inner Cannula means that the new UniPerc® Adjustable Flange Tracheostomy Tube is the first to be designed with its sizing based on the inside diameter, with its Inner Cannula in place.
    • Available in sizes 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 mm with a SOFT SEAL® cuff or uncuffed.
  • Suitable for surgical placement or as tube replacements during tube changes.
  • Also available as part of a dedicated percutaneous kit.

Product Specifications

UniPerc® Adjustable Flange Tracheostomy Tubes

Reorder CodeID (mm)DescriptionPack Size
100/897/0707.0SOFT-SEAL® CUFF Tracheostomy Tubes1 Unit
100/897/0808.0SOFT-SEAL® CUFF Tracheostomy Tubes1 Unit
100/897/0909.0SOFT-SEAL® CUFF Tracheostomy Tubes1 Unit
100/899/0707.0Uncuffed1 Unit
100/899/0808.0Uncuffed1 Unit
100/899/0909.0Uncuffed1 Unit

UniPerc® Inner Cannula

The Inner Cannula is unique as it is specifically designed to fit the UniPerc® Tracheostomy Tube. Made from PTFE, the flexible Inner Cannula has non-stick surface which minimises secretion adherence.

Reorder CodeTypeID (mm)Pack Size
100/890/070Replacement Inner Cannula7.010 Units
100/890/080Replacement Inner Cannula8.010 Units
100/890/090Replacement Inner Cannula9.010 Units

UniPerc® Product Accessories

Reorder CodeDescriptionPack Size
100/549/000Spare Guidewires5 Units
100/892/200Foam Cleaning Swabs20 Units
UNI100UniPerc® Demonstration Head - Trainer and Case1 Unit
UNI101UniPerc® Demonstration Head - Trauma kit (2 tracheas and 4 skins)1 Unit
UNI102UniPerc® Demonstration Head - Replacement Neck Foam2 Units
UNI103UniPerc® Demonstration Head - Replacement Case1 Unit
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