Temperature Management Products

Keeping patients at a normal body temperature is crucial to improving patient care. Research has shown that even a slight drop in body temperature can have a significant effect on patient outcomes.

  1. HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmer

    The HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmer offers a safe, reliable, and proven technology to consistently warm and deliver blood and fluids to patients undergoing surgical procedures.

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  2. Convective Warmer

    The Level 1® convective warming system consists of a high-flow convective warmer with hose-end temperature control, a convective warming blanket, and accessories.

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  3. Snuggle Warm® Blankets

    The Level 1® Convective Warming System consists of Snuggle Warm® Convective Warming Blankets and the EQUATOR® Convective Warmer. Maintain normothermia with Snuggle Warm® Blankets to help reduce the risk for surgical site infections.

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  4. HOTLINE® Disposable Administration Sets

    HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmers from ICU Medical are proven in over 16 million surgeries as providing superior performance results in warmer patients.

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  5. Level 1® H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer with Integrated Air Detector/Clamp

    When lives are at stake from significant blood loss due to trauma or major surgery, the Level 1® Fast Flow Fluid Warmer provides a rapid flow of normothermic blood and I.V. fluids.

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  6. Level 1® Air Detector/Clamp

    Upon detection of air in the line, the Level 1® Air Detector/Clamp, for use with Fast Flow Fluid Warmers, stops the flow of blood and crystalloid, allowing quick removal of air and restoration of flow without disconnecting from the patient.

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  7. Disposable Normothermic IV Accessories

    Disposable Normothermic IV Accessories including gas vents, stop cocks, and extension sets, are used with Level 1® Fast Flow Fluid Warmers and associated disposable administration sets.

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  8. Disposable Normothermic IV Administration Sets

    ICU Medical offers a full line of disposable administration sets for use with Level 1® Fast Flow Fluid Warmers.

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  9. Esophageal Stethoscope Temperature Sensor

    ICU Medical Level 1® disposable Esophageal Stethoscope Temperature Sensors are placed into the esophagus to provide accurate measurement of a patient’s core body temperature and transmit heart and lung sounds to the anesthesiologist’s earpiece.

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  10. Foley Catheter Temperature Sensor

    ICU Medical Level 1® disposable Foley Catheter Temperature Sensors enable clinicians to accurately monitor urinary output and bladder temperature in addition to facilitating urine drainage. Commonly used to monitor a patient’s core body temperature during open-heart surgery.

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  11. General Purpose Probes

    ICU Medical Level 1® disposable General Purpose Probes are placed in the esophagus, rectum, nasopharynx, or axilla to provide the clinician with an accurate measurement of a patient’s core body temperature.

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