CATHLON® I.V. Catheters

ICU Medical CATHLON® I.V. Catheter offers all the features and quality of the JELCO® I.V. Catheter combined with the added feature of a metal hub, allowing for optimal balance, weight and suturing. Only CATHLON® I.V. Catheters, made of clear non-radiopaque, FEP polymer, give you the precise and confident feel of metal.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 50
Minimum order quantity: 4
Shelf life: 3 years

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Benefits

  • Strong metal hub provides optimal balance and weight
  • Suture rings for additional securement
  • Translucent construction allows for consistent and easy flashback visualization
  • Self-venting removable flash plug
  • Finely tapered catheter tip eases insertions to minimize tissue trauma
  • Thinwall catheter design provides higher flow rates than standard wall catheters, often allowing for the use of a smaller gauge device
  • Please note the below ordering information is for the US (minimum 4 boxes for 50 units per box). For Europe the minimum order is 1 box of 50 units.
Product Specifications

CATHLON® I.V. Catheter Clear, Nonradiopaque FEP Polymer, Straight Metal Hub

Reorder Code Description
4412 CATHLON® 16G x 1-1/4"
4418 CATHLON® 14G x 1-1/4"
4420 CATHLON® 22G x 1"
4424 CATHLON® 18G x 1-3/4"
4425 CATHLON® 18G x 1-1/4"
4426 CATHLON® 20G x 1-1/4"
4427 CATHLON® 20G x 1"
4492 CATHLON® 16G x 2"
4498 CATHLON® 14G x 2"

CATHLON® I.V. Catheter Striped, Radiopaque FEP Polymer, Straight Metal Hub

Reorder Code Description
4488 CATHLON® 14G x 2"
4482 CATHLON® 16G x 2"
4465 CATHLON® 18G x 1-1/4"
4464 CATHLON® 18G x 1-3/4"
4467 CATHLON® 20G x 1"
4466 CATHLON® 20G x 1-1/4"
4461 CATHLON® 22G x 1"

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