DeltaVen Closed System Catheter

An all-in-one solution designed to travel with your patient, meeting the needs of everyone in your facility

Transparent dual port to assess flushing needs
Pressure rated for 330 PSI in gauges 24 to 16
Reduces the risk of contamination from disconnections and reconnections
Easy catheter advancement to help increase first stick success
Contrast injection flow rates up to 330 PSI in gauges 24G to 16G
Features 26G and 16G among a broad range of gauge sizes and lengths
Transparent dual port to see blood residue and encourage flushing

Radiology / CT

Finding a catheter that can handle the rigors of power injection can be a challenge. DeltaVen was designed to meet all your pressure injection needs. 

  • Pressure rated up to 330 PSI
  • The integrated extension set helps eliminate the chance of leaking or disconnect during a procedure
  • A straight fluid pathway ensures fluid is injected into the bloodstream an not into the vein walls 
  • Flow rates designed to meet clinical needs (see chart below)
IV Catheter Gauge  IV Catheter Length (mm)   Max Flow at 20°C (mL / sec)  Max Flow at 37°C (mL / sec)
 24G  19  4  5
 22G  19  5  6
 25  5  5
 20G  25  7  8
 32  6  7
 45  6  7
 18G  25  8  9
 32  7  9
 45  7  9
 16G  32  >10  >10

Emergency Room

Emergency Room Needs:

  • Patients are emergent, their visits often unplanned. The types of patients seen vary from elderly to the very young, the injuries and illness seen also vary.
  • Large catheter sizes are often preferred to accommodate fluid delivery.
  • Patients will travel from Emergency Department to various areas of the hospital for further diagnostics such as radiology.
  • The One Stick Hospitalization starts in the ER with access choices made by ER staff.
  • The Emergency Department staff often does not have time to waste, workflow efficiencies and healthcare worker safety is a prime consideration of ER Staff.


  1. 325 PSI rating and reliable gravity flow rates enabling one stick hospitalization, integrated design combines separate IV components into a single closed system, improving workflow
  2. Larger Gauge Sizes - DeltaVen® Fast Flash™ is currently the only closed system with a 16 Gauge option. The range of sizes to meet patient demands range from 25G to 16G
  3. Notch Needle Technology across full range – Designed for greater insertion success, Deltaven® Fast Flash™ catheters notched V- point needle for early confirmation of vein entry and to help increase successful starts3 - 24% less force needed to penetrate the skin compared to a leading closed system catheter competitor** Large push off tab located on the safety mechanism for easy and controlled threading – 35% less force to advance than a leading closed system catheter competitor**
  4. Provide protection against accidental needlestick injuries and blood exposure during the insertion process by using passive needle protection
  5. Designed to Enhance Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction with wing stability and multiple configurations to meet ER’s emergent access needs


Catheter feel is critical to first stick success. The DeltaVen was designed to both insert and thread easily.

  • The wide variety of gauges and lengths allows clinicians to choose the right catheter for each patient
  • Feel the difference of a sharp v-point needle designed to minimize the force to access the patient's veins
  • A catheter designed to move with your patient no matter where they go throughout your hospital


Oncology patients can be difficult to treat due to fragile veins that have been accessed multiple times. In addition mis-connections and leaking from the IV hub is a real risk. DeltaVen helps solve these needs.

  • The integrated extension set eliminates the chance of disconnection at the hub, helping to ensure the medication is delivered properly
  • The single or dual port design offers flexibility to maximize the efficiency of medication delivery
  • A wide variety of gauges and lengths allows clinicians to choose the right catheter for each patient

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