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  1. News
    'Constant' pressure on NHS may make sharps injuries more likely
    Could sharps injuries be more likely as the level of pressure facing the NHS increases?
  2. News
    3 reasons to talk about blood transfusions this week
    A round-up of the latest blood transfusion-related news.
  3. News
    More UK carers administering vaccines than ever before
    As carer numbers increase in the UK, does this make sharps injuries more likely?
  4. News
    Are sharps injuries more likely as the NHS gets busier?
    The NHS has recently recorded its busiest 12 months in history, but does this make sharps injuries more likely to occur?
  5. News
    Epidurals: Understanding the risks
    A guide to avoiding sharps injuries or other complications during epidural administration.
  6. News
    Why safe management of diabetes is so important
    The role of sharps safety in diabetes management.
  7. News
    European Immunisation Week highlights sharps safety importance
    This week marks European Immunisation Week.
  8. News
    Spread of Zika virus leads to new warnings about sharps safety
    New warnings about sharps safety have been issued in light of the spread of the blood-borne Zika virus.
  9. News
    Why are so many people scared of needles?
    Why is a fear of needles so common, and where does it stem from?
  10. News
    Tattoo hygiene hits the headlines
    Controversy over E4's Tattoo Fixers has catapulted tattoo needle hygiene into the headlines.
  11. News
    Do arts and crafts carry a serious needle injury risk?
    Could knitting put crafters at increased risk of a needle-related injury?
  12. News
    How safe is Botox?
    What are the sharps safety risks of Botox for both the patient and the cosmetic surgeon?