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  1. News
    How Virtual Reality Could Help Reduce Sharps Injuries in Children
    Virtual reality games could help to ease children's anxiety surrounding injections, according to new research.
  2. News
    UK 'To Get First Addict Centre to Improve Needle Hygiene and Safety'
    There are plans to open a 'fix centre' in Glasgow to encourage improved sharps safety among the city's drug users.
  3. News
    New Study Looks at Biggest Risk Factors for Sharps Injuries
    A new study has explored the biggest risk factors for needlestick and sharps injuries.
  4. News
    Cost Savings of Vaccines in US Revealed
    A new report has revealed the potential cost savings of vaccines in the US.
  5. News
    Is it Worth Vaccinating People Against the Common Cold?
    Would it really be worth vaccinating people to protect them from the common cold?
  6. News
    France 'Improving Sharps Safety or Drug Users' With New Supervised Centre
    France is striving to tackle sharps safety among drug users with the opening of a new supervised centre for addicts.
  7. News
    NICE Approval of Hepatitis C Drug Provides Hope to Needlestick Victims
    NICE has given its approval to a new hepatitis C drug, providing hope to sharps injury sufferers.
  8. News
    What Will the Global Safety Syringe Market Look Like By 2020
    Safety needles for medical use look set to undergo a significant increase in sales over the next few years.
  9. News
    How to Safely Dispose of Biomedical Waste
    What is the correct way to dispose of different types of biomedical waste?
  10. News
    Understanding the Different Types of Blood Exposure and Their Risks
    What are the health risks associated with different types of blood exposure for medical professionals?
  11. News
    Europe Named as Part of World Most Concerned About Vaccine Safety
    Europe has been named as the part of the world with the biggest concerns about the safety of vaccines.
  12. News
    World Hepatitis Day to take place next week
    World Hepatitis Day will be taking place across the globe on Tuesday June 28th.