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    Is the risk of HIV transmission from sharps injuries falling in London
    HIV diagnoses are falling in London, potentially lowering the risk of healthcare workers contracting the virus from needlestick injuries.
  2. News
    Could vending machines help improve sharps safety standards in Ottawa
    The idea of introducing vending machines in Ottawa to dispense sterile needles to drug users is being considered.
  3. News
    Do beauty salons need to invest in sharps safety devices
    Beauty salons need to improve their sharps safety standards following a spate of needlestick injuries in the UK.
  4. News
    New catheter safety standards leading to cost savings and fewer infections
    Tighter catheter safety standards are resulting in fewer bloodstream infections for patients and cost savings for the health service.
  5. News
    Dental patients warned of HIV risk after poor sharps safety standards uncovered
    Pennsylvania dental patients may be at risk of hepatitis C and HIV after poor standards of sharps safety were uncovered at a local dental practice.
  6. News
    How safe is an average UK hospital
    How many sharps injuries and other incidents are likely to take place at the average UK hospital in a single year?
  7. News
    Spending on safety syringes expected to soar
    A new report predicts that the global safety syringe market will reach a value of $6.4 billion by 2017.
  8. News
    Healthcare Workers 'At Risk' From 1 in 7 Europeans Who Don't Know They Have HIV
    althcare workers administering injections may be at risk from the one in seven people in Europe who don't know they have HIV.
  9. News
    Is Hepatitis C Transmission from Sharps Injuries More Likely in Kentucky
    Hepatitis C is seven times more common in Kentucky than elsewhere in the US, making any sharps injuries potentially more dangerous.
  10. News
    UK Nurses Warned Over Helping with Insulin Pen Needle Extraction
    Safety needles for medical use look set to undergo a significant increase in sales over the next few years.
  11. News
    Contracting HIV from Sharps Injury 'May Not Lower Life Expectancy'
    Why contracting HIV from a sharps injury doesn't have to be a death sentence.
  12. News
    UK HIV Prevention Projects Awarded £600,000
    How is the UK government helping to prevent the spread of HIV?