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  1. News
    Could emphasising sharps safety procedures lead to higher vaccine uptake
    How highlighting needle safety procedures may lead to higher vaccine uptake among US teenagers.
  2. News
    Poor sharps safety at China hospital sees five infected with HIV
    At least five people have been infected with HIV following a sharps incident at a Chinese hospital.
  3. News
    Needle injuries led to disease risk at Winnipeg lab
    A series of needle injuries at a Winnipeg lab highlights the importance of sharps safety practices.
  4. News
    Spending on disposable syringes to rise in bid to lower sharps injuries
  5. News
    Story of hope for unlucky sharps injury victims
    Infections transmitted from a sharps injury don't have to be life-threatening.
  6. News
    Does the UKs nurse shortage compromise sharps safety standards
    Sharps injuries may be more likely to occur as UK nurses face increasing levels of pressure.
  7. News
    Diabetic needlestick injuries driving growth in sharps safety device spending
    Global health authorities are taking action to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries among diabetic patients who administer their own medication.
  8. News
    Legal row arises over sharps safety in Egypt
    The Egyptian health ministry has been forced to issue a reminder about syringe safety best practices.
  9. News
    ISMP recommends safer syringes to healthcare authorities for 2017
    Improved needle and prescription safety practices are being recommended for US healthcare teams in 2017.
  10. News
    Healthcare expenditure on sharps safety devices 'to reach $6bn by 2020
    The global safety syringe market is expected to reach $6 billion in value by the end of 2020.
  11. News
    New sharps disposal solution needed for diabetes patients in Huddersfield
  12. News
    Safe storage of injections 'just as important as safe administration'
    A recent incident highlights the importance of the safe handling of injections from manufacture to disposal.