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    Significant growth expected for Asia-Pacific needle safety device market
    The Asia-Pacific sharps safety device market is expected to reach a value of $467.2 million by 2024.
  2. Sharps Safety Products
    Poor needle safety leads to 15 deaths in South Sudan
    Inadequate needle safety practices contributed to 15 child fatalities in South Sudan, highlighting the importance of sharps safety procedures.
  3. News
    'More accurate' HIV test may help sharps injury victims affected by virus

    US scientists have created a new test that can determine the status of HIV after initial treatment, which could have benefits for unfortunate needle injury victims.

  4. Sharps Safety Products
    How EPInet helps the US healthcare sector monitor sharps injuries
    How does the EPInet surveillance system help in the monitoring of sharps injuries?
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    Third of waste workers at risk of sharps injury, highlighting need for PPE
    Why personal protective equipment now needs to take into account sharps injury prevention.
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    Could emphasising sharps safety procedures lead to higher vaccine uptake
    Why there are rules in place regarding HIV and hepatitis C where blood donation is concerned
  7. News
    Needlestick injuries - a growing problem for Dublin waste disposal workers
    Sharps injuries are becoming a growing problem for waste disposal workers in Dublin, new figures show.
  8. Sharps Safety Products
    Texas man contracts hepatitis C after nurse reuses syringe
    Syringes were reused at a Texas hospital, leading to a man contracting the hepatitis C virus.
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    Sharps safety to be focus of US college Commencement Address
    Needlestick injury victim and sharps safety campaigner Karen Daley will be speaking to students at Curry College on May 21st.
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    Culture change 'best way to reduce sharps injury risk'
    Implementing a culture of safety is the best way to reduce the risks associated with sharps injuries, a new report suggests.
  11. Sharps Safety Products
    Strategy to eliminate hepatitis B and C as public health threats published
    Strategy to eliminate hepatitis B and C as public health threats published.
  12. Sharps Safety Products
    Zika virus 'to pose extra threat to sharps injury victims this summer'
    Zika virus 'to pose extra threat to sharps injury victims this summer'.