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    Nurses key to reduce bloodstream infections
    Nurses are ideally positioned to help control bloodstream infections and this can be partly achieved through sharps safety.
  2. News
    How to minimise pain and discomfort while giving an injection
    Giving a patient an injection can be much easier when the patient is calm and relaxed.
  3. News
    How education can boost patient care
    Education is an important resource for organisations wanting to prioritise sharps and patient safety.
  4. News
    Sharps safety and fatigue
    Reducing and addressing fatigue is essential for healthcare workers operating sharps on a regular basis.
  5. News
    Worker safety is key for patient care
    A new report has highlighted the close relationship between patient safety and that of healthcare workers.
  6. News
    Tips for avoiding needlestick injuries
    There are simple things that each healthcare worker can do to limit their risk of suffering a needlestick injury.
  7. News
    Occupational HIV now low risk
    A new report from the CDC has stated that the risk of occupational HIV for healthcare workers is low.
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    The employee's role in NSI prevention
    It's important that each member of staff takes responsibility for their own safety while in the workplace, as well as that of patients.
  9. News
    The emotional impact of needlestick injury
    Healthcare organisations have the obligation to safeguard employees from the emotional impact of suffering a needlestick injury.
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    Safety devices growing in popularity
    A new report has highlighted the importance of safety devices, and their growing popularity around the world.
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    Basic safe injection practices still important
    Remembering safe injection practices is important for reducing infections and improving safety, a leading expert has claimed.
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    Sharps Safety Awareness Month
    December is Sharps Safety Awareness Month, which is run by the International Sharps Injury Prevention Society.