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  1. News
    Involving patients in sharps safety
    Engaging patients in sharps safety and other infection control practices can help reduce the risk level for healthcare workers.
  2. News
    Significant infection control problems in operating rooms
    A new study has suggested that hospitals are struggling to adhere to infection control practices in surgery.
  3. News
    SIC: Golden Rules of Safety
    The 10 Golden Rules of Safety from Safe in Common are a good starting point for any healthcare establishment.
  4. News
    Study evaluates effectiveness of experimental Ebola vaccine following high-risk exposure
    A new study has looked at the effectiveness of the Ebola vaccine after a high-risk needlestick injury.
  5. News
    OSHA ruling makes healthcare worker injuries public
    A new ruling by OSHA could impact how organisations treat occupational health, including sharps safety.
  6. News
    Safer equipment can help control infections
    The CDC has published a new blog post on how to tackle infection through ensuring equipment is safe.
  7. News
    Could scanning be the future?
    New studies are suggesting that scanning could be key to controlling infections in hospitals.
  8. News
    How evaluation can lead to improvement in sharps safety
    Spotting areas where improvement can be made is key for the advancement of sharps safety.
  9. News
    WHO supports safety devices
    The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced its support for safety devices in reducing diseases.
  10. News
    Sharps safety vital for diabetes
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has highlighted the importance of sharps safety for diabetic people.
  11. News
    Climate change having an impact on pathogens
    A leading expert has said that climate change is contributing to the spread of pathogens like Ebola.
  12. News
    Ebola highlights health lessons
    A new report has suggested that the Ebola outbreak has highlighted how essential local health is in preventing widescale health threats.