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  1. News
    Best practices to prevent infections during healthcare laundry process
    New best practice has been released to try and prevent infections being spread during healthcare laundry.
  2. News
    New test could help reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens
    A team at Harvard University Medical School has developed a test that could help protect against exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
  3. News
    How to ensure you are progressing in sharps safety
    For healthcare workers it can be difficult to determine whether the wider organisation is progressing in sharps safety.
  4. News
    Why sleep is important for sharps safety?
    For healthcare workers, getting enough rest is key for ensuring sharps safety is maintained at all times.
  5. News
    Fatigue important to consider in sharps safety
    A new social media campaign has highlighted the importance of controlling tiredness and fatigue in healthcare workers.
  6. News
    Reducing 'never events' in healthcare
    A new report has highlighted the importance of preventing 'never events' for healthcare workers.
  7. News
    Imperfect drug delivery can increase pathogens' resistance
    Controlling infections involves more than just sharps safety for many healthcare workers.
  8. News
    Tackling stress key for healthcare workers
    Ensuring that healthcare workers are not overly stressed is essential for sharps safety and patient care.
  9. News
    NSI safety reminders
    How to keep yourself and those around you safe around needles and other medical sharps.
  10. News
    How to avoid occupational hazards in the operating room
    Reducing the risk of sharps injuries in the operating room can significantly reduce the overall number of needlesticks.
  11. News
    Could vein finders reduce the number of needlesticks?
    Could new technology aimed at helping healthcare workers find veins reduce the number of needlestick injuries?
  12. News
    How can nurses become better needlestick injury advocates?
    Nurses are ideally placed in a hospital to have an impact on sharps safety if they become advocates.