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  1. News
    Needlesticks rising on Sunshine Coast
    Nearly every week,someone suffers a needlestick injury somewhere along the Sunshine Coast.
  2. News
    Cost of safety devices is shortsighted
    The cost of safety devices versus traditional ones is not a fair contest unless all factors are taken into consideration.
  3. News
    A new look at the underlying causes of infection prevention
    A leading expert has highlighted some of the underlying causes of infection prevention.
  4. News
    Flu could be prevented without a vaccine
    New insight from researchers at Ohio State University has suggested that a vaccine-free flu solution could be possible.
  5. News
    Employers must be responsible for healthcare staff
    Just under half of companies believe employers have a duty of care to their workers, a new survey has suggested.
  6. News
    Surgical environment key for theatre
    A new study has found that some music could be disruptive to a positive working environment.
  7. News
    Why staff morale is key for sharps safety
    Staff morale is an important part of ensuring that sharps safety policies are successful.
  8. News
    Healthcare workers ‘not removing protective gear correctly’
    A new report has suggested that many healthcare workers are putting themselves at unnecessary risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
  9. News
    Ensuring sharps containers meet standards
    A report has highlighted the aspects of sharps containers that ensures they are safe to protect healthcare workers from needles.
  10. News
    Hospitals need to do more to safeguard against occupational injuries
    A new report has suggested that hospitals are not taking enough steps to reduce the amount of healthcare workers who are injured at work.
  11. News
    Recycling workers exposed to sharps danger
    A new study has highlighted the danger that recycling workers are exposed to during their role.
  12. News
    Higher rates of CDI with reusable sharps containers
    A new study has found that hospitals that have reusable sharps containers experience higher levels of C.diff infections.