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    How safe is acupuncture?
    How safe is the ancient alternative practice of acupuncture?
  2. News
    Doctors raise safety concerns following controversial government contract ruling
    Medical staff are warning that the government's decision to force through a new contract for junior doctors will have a negative impact on safety.
  3. News
    GP care quality 'sliding due to rising workloads'
    Half of England's GP practices have reported a deterioration of patient care due to rising workloads, according to a new study.
  4. News
    NHS agency nursing crackdown 'could undermine safety'
    The government has been warned that its crackdown on the hiring of agency nurses will have a negative impact on safety.
  5. News
    Bureaucratic burden 'causing GP retention crisis'
    Rising workloads are leading to a retention crisis in general practice, according to a new report.
  6. News
    NHS stress could lead to sharps safety compromise
    NHS doctors are the most stressed in the world, according to a new report.
  7. News
    NHS staff feel the stress of the holiday period
    Healthcare professionals are the least likely to take a break, especially over the holiday period.
  8. News
    Could concurrent surgery affect sharps safety?
    A new report has suggested that concurrent surgery could increase the risk for patients and healthcare workers.
  9. News
    The importance of reporting needlestick injuries
    It's important to report a needlestick injury whenever one occurs, to limit further damage.
  10. News
    EASHW report highlights sharps injury risk
    Sharps are one the main risks people working in healthcare face.
  11. News
    More doctors 'suffering with stress and increased workload'
    New research shows many doctors feel stressed and overworked.
  12. News
    New study finds Ebola vaccine stimulates strong immune response
    A new study has found that the vaccine stimulates strong immune system responses when delivered.