Smiths Medical Announces Launch Of Portex® Tracheostomy Tubes And Kits

Tuesday January 14 2020

New tracheostomy tube improvements designed to meet patient needs

Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announced today it has launched a new Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) tracheostomy tube portfolio to its family of tracheostomy tubes. When caring for a patient with a tracheostomy, a tube should be chosen to best suit the patient’s specific clinical need. The new tracheostomy tubes have options for a variety of patients.

"Our goal was to create tracheostomy tubes and kits designed to help clinicians provide the best patient care. We’re excited to offer a variety of tubes and kits that empower clinicians with the ability to practice their way and more importantly, meet their patients’ needs,” said Ellen Frenkel, Chief Marketing Officer.

The Smiths Medical BLUselect® tracheotomy tubes include the following new benefits:

  • Tubes are available with or without inner cannula, cuffed or uncuffed, fenestrated or unfenestrated, and Suctionaid® for above the cuff suctioning
  • Tubes and packaging are color-coded by size
  • Laser printing on tubes cannot be altered by secretions or cleaning and include tube characteristics
  • Solid color marking indicates the tube is non-fenestrated while checkered color markings indicate the tube is fenestrated
  • Tube flanges are soft and bendable to improve patient comfort and simplify cleaning

The Smiths Medical BLUperc® and BLUgriggs® percutaneous tracheostomy kits and trays include the following new benefits:

  • Kits and trays include everything needed to perform the procedure
  • Single tray layout matches the steps in the clinical tracheostomy procedure and flow counter-clockwise for efficiency
  • Kits and trays include a patented single-handed guidewire feeder that can be used by left or right-handed clinicians

Smiths Medical provides training videos, technique guides, and detailed instructional information for training clinicians on percutaneous insertion. For more information about our new tracheostomy tubes, kits and trays, visit

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