Smiths Medical receives FDA 510(k) Clearance on Wireless Ambulatory Infusion Pump

August 30, 2017
Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announced today it has received FDA 510(k) clearance on the CADD®-Solis ambulatory infusion pump with wireless communication. The new system helps hospitals increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

The CADD®-Solis ambulatory infusion pump can now communicate wirelessly to and from PharmGuard® Server software. This allows clinicians to:
•    Deploy software updates and drug libraries to all pumps simultaneously
•    Remotely manage pump performance and monitor drug dosing
•    Track pump location to the last known wireless access point
•    Download infusion data reports to enable better therapy decisions for patients
•    Enable data integration to the patient records to improve documentation accuracy and reduce time for patient-charting to the Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The CADD®-Solis pump combines the mobility advantages of an ambulatory pump and the efficiency of a single infusion system to deliver Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia (IV PCA), epidurals and peripheral nerve blocks, in addition to other indications for use, including the subarachnoid space, into an intra-operative site, intra-arterial, and subcutaneous.

Successfully launched last year in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom, several hospitals have already implemented the CADD®-Solis pump with wireless communication. The latest version is now available in the United States.

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