Smiths Medical launches PharmGuard Server Software Version 2

February 04, 2015

New Server software helps hospitals manage their entire fleet of specialty infusion devices from a single platform

Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announced today it launched version 2 of its PharmGuard® server software (PGS) for use with Medfusion® 4000 wireless syringe infusion pumps.  The new PGS allows greater flexibility in how hospitals manage their specialty infusion devices by allowing them to group infusion pumps by care area, by geographic locations, with multiple drug libraries, with different firmware and with multiple devices.  These new enhancements and more will allow individual hospitals, multiple hospital groups and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) to better maximize their IT investments for specialty infusion devices.

This software launch includes additional device reports to help hospitals optimize pump use and increase patient safety. The reports provide customizable data and drill-down capabilities to facilitate reporting between or across multiple hospital facilities and multiple libraries, at each facility separately, or as a comparison between each facility.  The new reports may be scheduled for email delivery for increased convenience and time savings.

PharmGuard® server software is designed to help hospitals comply with Joint Commission alarm reduction goals, and promotes continuous quality improvement (CQI) of infusion therapy by capturing and managing infusion data.  PharmGuard® server software version 2 is the next step in the pathway for interoperability connections between Smiths Medical specialty infusion devices and electronic medical records (EMR). 

About Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical is a leading supplier of specialized medical devices and equipment for global markets, focusing on the medication delivery, vital care and safety devices market segments.  It is part of Smiths Group, a global leader in applying advanced technologies for markets in threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components.   Smiths Group employs around 23,000 people in more than 50 countries.

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