Smiths Medical Launches EDGE™ Safety Device on Arterial Blood Sampling Syringes in Europe

One-handed safety activation device helps protect against potential needle stick injuries

September 04, 2014

Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, today announced the addition of its EDGE™ Safety Device technology to both its Portex® Pro-Vent® and Portex® Pulsator® Arterial Blood Sampling (ABS) syringes in the EU.  The EDGE™ safety device provides a fully integrated, simple method to help protect clinicians, patients and hospital workers from accidental needle stick injuries. An audible click signals to the user that the safety mechanism is engaged and ready for disposal in a sharps container.  

By utilizing the EDGE™ safety device technology, both the Portex® Pro-Vent® Plus with EDGE™ safety and the Portex® Pulsator® Plus with EDGE™ safety, can help  provide protection from needle stick injuries, easier implementation and clearer identification utilizing one-handed activation, bevel orientation and color-coded needle gauges.  Smiths Medical, offers three ABS syringes, all with the FilterPro® air bubble removal device, providing further protection from blood exposure. 

“The recent safety legislation enactment in the EU has created greater awareness and demand for device-based protection for clinicians,” said Shrikant Rahalkar, Vice President, Global Product Management, Safety Solutions. “Incorporating EDGE™ safety device technology into our ABS blood sampling syringes provides an additional level of protection for patients as well as clinicians.”

Smiths Medical’s ABS sampling devices have been used clinically since 1995 in countries accepting CE marked device.  The EDGE™ safety device was introduced in 2009 with its initial application in hypodermic injection products.  Introducing this technology into Arterial Blood Sampling adds advanced sharps safety technology for clinicians that conduct procedures using blood-filled, hollow-bored needles which can represent higher-risk potential for spreading infection.

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