Product Update Important CADD Disposable Discontinuation Notice

July 30, 2013

Product Update: Important CADD® Disposable Discontinuation Notice

CADD-TPN® Pump Tubing Sets

Smiths Medical is discontinuing the sale of CADD-TPN® pump tubing sets that are used with the original CADD-TPN® pump (Model 5700), effective November 1, 2013. 

CADD-TPN® Pump Tubing Sets for Discontinuation
21-7071-24 – CADD-TPN® administration set with 1.2-micron filter and add-on anti-siphon valve – 15/box
21-7085-01 – CADD-TPN® administration set with 0.2-micron filter and add-on anti-siphon valve – 15/box    

When the CADD-TPN® pump (model 5700) was launched in 1991 it was a true innovation of its time and well regarded by home infusion providers and their patients.  Due to the lack of availability of components, Smiths Medical discontinued manufacturing of the pump in October 2004 and then discontinued all service and repair in May 2006.  We have now made the decision to discontinue the tubing sets for the CADD-TPN® pump as well.

Smiths Medical would like to thank you for the continued use of the CADD® ambulatory infusion pumps as part of your therapy delivery options.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how the new safe, simple and smart CADD®-Solis VIP system is as an alternative option for your multi-therapy needs.  

Please contact your Smiths Medical representative for additional questions or to learn more about the CADD®-Solis VIP system.

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Marysharon Owens
Director, Global Digital & Branding Strategy