Non Luer Position Statement

April 15, 2013

Smiths Medical is committed to offering a solution to the problem of tubing misconnections and wrong route medication delivery. We support the objectives of the NHS Commissioning Board (formerly NPSA) and other global organizations in the introduction of non-Luer connectors to reduce the risk of wrong route errors and maximize patient safety.

The efforts of the International Standards Organization (ISO) committee (ISO TC210 JWG4) to establish and implement a universal design specification for a non-Luer neuraxial connector presents an opportunity for industry to re-evaluate their offerings and develop even safer and more effective solutions for clinicians and their patients.

After considering the advantages of a harmonized non-Luer solution for our customers, Smiths Medical has decided to redirect our efforts and resources to support the International Standards Organization in refining and finalizing the standard, which will result in the release of non-Luer Portex® Epidural & Spinal products and associated CADD® Infusion products which meet the ISO non-luer neuraxial connector standard.

Consequently, Smiths Medical has chosen not to market the epidural version of our CorrectInject™ Safety System. The CorrectInject™ Safety System for spinal procedures will continue to be available for customers in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand until the new ISO non-luer neuraxial connector product is released.

Smiths Medical will continue to work with our customers to ensure patient safety is maximized during this transitional time.

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