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Caring for the critically ill is an important responsibility, one that we do not take lightly at ICU Medical. It is our mission to develop products that improve patient quality of life. This page includes information on Tracheostomy Care, Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and improving patient communication.

Adult, Neonatal and Pediatric Tracheostomy Interviews

Looking for more information on Tracheostomy Care and VAP Prevention? Learn more from leading academic Experts in Intensive Care Medicine and ENT.

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  • Benefits of Tracheostomy Standardization

    John W Mah and Siva Raja discuss the benefits of standardizing care practices for tracheostomy management.

    This video is 2 minutes, 44 seconds long

  • Reducing ventilator recurring respiratory infections in tracheostomy patients

    John W Mah shares a successful patient outcome using Blue Ultra® Suctionaid® to prevent recurrence of pneumonia for a tracheostomised patient.

    This video is 1 minutes, 37 seconds long

  • Using Bivona TTS in Adult Tracheostomized Patients

    Hear about how Bivona® TTS (Tight-to-Shaft) tracheostomy tubes may help reduce issues with tube insertion and some postoperative complications such as tracheal necrosis.

    This video is 1 minutes, 28 seconds long

  • Bivona Customized Tracheostomy Tubes

    Soham Roy helps understand the benefits of the ICU Medical customizable range of Bivona tracheostomy tubes that can help to meet unique pediatric patient anatomy needs.

    This video is 3 minutes, 15 seconds long

  • Portex Bivona Flextend Tubes

    Learn about the benefits of the diverse and customizable range of Portex Bivona Flextend tubes with Soham Roy.

    This video is 1 minutes, 16 seconds long

  • Tracheostomy Patient Care

    Learn how ICU Medical can be a partner in providing a diverse and customizable product portfolio for pediatric tracheotomy patient care with Dr Soham Roy.

    This video is 5 minutes, 39 seconds long

  • Using Bivona TTS in Pediatric Tracheostomized Patients

    Understand how the Bivona TTS (Tight-to-Shaft) Cuff can impact patient safety and potentially decrease complications with Dr Soham Roy.

    This video is 0 minutes, 55 seconds long

  • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

    Marco Ranieri, Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care, discusses causes and prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia.

    This video is 7 minutes, 29 seconds long

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