Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) & Perioperative Medicine

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and Perioperative Medicine initiatives are changing the way patients are prepared for, cared for and recover from surgery. Multidisciplinary changes are helping hospitals reduce patient length of stay, lower complications rates, decrease opioid consumption and lower hospital costs while preventing readmissions, increasing patient experience and satisfaction and creating hospital efficiencies.

ERAS Interviews

Looking for more information on ERAS? Learn more from ERAS Expert Professor Monty Mythen, ICU Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at University College London. Professor Mythen was formerly the National Clinical Lead at the UK Department of Health for the Enhanced Recovery Partnership in the English NHS from 2009-2013 and lectures extensively on this topic.

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  • ERAS Overview

    Understand what ERAS is, and the differences between conventional care.

    This video is 0 minutes, 59 seconds long

  • Why ERAS?

    Learn why Professor Mythen is so passionate about ERAS.

    This video is 2 minutes, 21 seconds long

  • The Benefits of ERAS

    Understand the many hospital and patient benefits.

    This video is 2 minutes, 59 seconds long

  • Temperature Management

    Learn why maintaining patient Normothermia is a critical component of ERAS.

    This video is 2 minutes, 9 seconds long

  • Pain Management

    Professor Mythen discusses the importance of regional anesthesia and opioid sparing techniques.

    This video is 3 minutes, 12 seconds long

  • Fluid Management

    Understand why fluid management is an important component in ERAS.

    This video is 3 minutes, 30 seconds long

  • PreOp education

    Benefits of patient education and pre-habilitiation.

    This video is 2 minutes, 48 seconds long

  • Drink, Eat, Mobilize

    Professor Mythen discusses the importance of resuming normal activities after surgery.

    This video is 2 minutes, 26 seconds long

  • Implementing ERAS

    Understand the best practices to implement an ERAS program.

    This video is 10 minutes, 49 seconds long

  • ICU Medical Portfolio

    ICU Medical’s portfolio includes products that support temperature, fluid and pain management.

    This video is 1 minutes, 5 seconds long

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