Supporting Women in Engineering

We believe a diverse and inclusive team delivers better innovation and superior solutions.

At Smiths Medical we have many talented female engineers and we want to inspire future generations of women to pursue engineering and technology as a career.

Read why some of our talented women chose engineering.

Don't be afraid and follow your dream


Engineer II (Advanced Manfacturing)
Hranice, Czech Republic
“I love being part of the NPI team, because it gives me opportunities to be involved in several different projects – like implementing new projects into production and communicating across a team of Purchasing, Supply Chain and Quality colleagues. I love new technology, and developing my skills and knowledge of technology to create new processes for production. My advice for women considering a career in engineering is: Don't be afraid and follow your dream, even if it seems difficult in a male-dominated industry.”

A career in Engineering develops such a wide variety of versatile skills


Marketing Director, Specialty Sales
Ashford, UK
“Working as an R&D Engineer on products like ventilators was incredibly exciting when I first started out at Smiths Medical. I loved the combination of building the clinical solution into an intuitive, and simple to use device. I was fortunate enough to work with several clinical consultants over the years as I developed new product ideas for various product families. Stepping into Product Management allowed me to keep connected to Engineering projects, but work much closer with the Clinical setting – and most importantly our customers!”

I enjoy working in a field that directly affects human lives


Engineer I, Toxicology
Minneapolis, MN

“Growing up, I always knew I had an interest in math and science along with the medical field. This led me towards pursuing a degree in Materials Science and Engineering, interning for two summers at Smiths Medical, and becoming a full-time Toxicology Engineer after college. During my internship and full-time career, I have found that I am passionate about the medical device industry because I enjoy working in an innovative field that directly affects human lives by producing life-improving technologies. In my current role as a Toxicology Engineer, I work daily to evaluate the biocompatibility of materials for use in our medical devices in order to reduce toxicological risk and support patient safety.”

I studied Medical Engineering to develop my technical, analytical and research skills


Engineer II, R&D
Ashford, UK
“I was always really good at maths and science and have always enjoyed problem-solving, all of which ties in perfectly with engineering. I studied Medical Engineering with the aim to develop my technical, analytical and research skills and one day be a part of the work that help improve human health and that is what has brought me to Smiths Medical.”

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