Toxicology Engineer

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Years of Service: Joined Smiths Medical in 2014

How has your department evolved since your first joined Smiths Medical?

When I started at Smiths Medical, the Toxicology department consisted of myself and one other person. It was a brand new group within Smiths Medical, with the specific purpose of evaluating the biological safety of our medical devices. Today, the Toxicology department has grown to a great team of four!

Describe a typical day in your position.

I work with a wide variety of project teams all around the world - from new development to continuous improvement - to ensure that material and/or manufacturing changes do not impact the biological safety of our products.

What is your favorite thing about working at Smiths Medical?

I love watching new projects move through the development cycle. It's pretty cool to see a concept turn into a prototype and then that prototype turn into a real, clinical product.

Can you share about your experience starting the STEM Outreach Committee at Smiths Medical?

The STEM Outreach Committee has been a fun and exciting way to meet new people throughout the organization! It’s been a great way to share my passion for science and engineering with the next generation – and very rewarding to watch young women learn about careers in engineering.