Account Manager

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Years of Service: Less than a year

How has your department evolved since your first joined Smiths Medical?

Korea used to have an indirect sales business before I joined the company as a direct sales team member. Since the time I joined, there have been several new departments added, including the direct sales department. It has been an adjustment and we have worked hard in preparation of moving from indirect to direct accounts.

Describe a typical day in your position

As a new member of the direct sales team, my first priority is the conversion of customers in between indirect and direct. I spend most of my time preparing for Go-Direct with clinical studies, market research, product presentations, etc. I also spend a lot of time visiting hospitals and meeting medical personnel to deliver the value of our product.

What do you love about your job?

I take pride in the originality and global competitiveness of our products. I enjoy the flow of the industry and the feedback of the customers directly in the field. I love the opportunities Smith Medical has given me to gain experience in the field. I admire that Smiths Medical has a culture of respect and “Unity in Diversity.”