Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment


At Smiths Medical we are committed to a culture of Diversity & Inclusion where all colleagues feel comfortable, confident and supported bringing their authentic selves to work. By seeking out and including different points of view we will unlock the full potential of our organization, while helping us better understand and serve our diverse customer base. Our Diversity & Inclusion pledge outlines our focus areas for the year. The pledge asks each of us to do our part to create an inclusive culture by committing to six goals. Our entire executive leadership team has signed this pledge and we have invited all Smiths Medical employees to participate.



At Smiths Medical we recognize that diversity and inclusion are important and complex issues that need to be addressed holistically to better engage and support underrepresented groups. We acknowledge that diverse groups – such as Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, women, people of a certain age and people with disabilities – have been historically disadvantaged and it’s up to us to change this going forward. We pledge to make measurable progress and actively foster a culture where all colleagues feel comfortable, confident and supported to bring their authentic selves to work every day. This means committing to six goals:


  • Educating ourselves on diverse topics and history

  • Having open and honest conversations about Diversity & Inclusion

  • Actively working to examine and minimize our unconscious biases

  • Evaluating others by their performance, not our perception of them

  • Ensuring diverse perspectives are heard and present in meetings and projects

  • Ensuring we have diverse and representative candidate pools during recruiting/hiring activities



By all of us taking this pledge, we will unlock the full potential of our organization.

For any inquiries related to recruitment at Smiths, please email talentacquisition@smiths-medical.com.