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In recent years, an international team of clinicians, regulators, associations and manufacturers have worked to create new design standards for small-bore connectors which, when implemented, will help prevent misconnections and misinjections because the connector design for specific applications will no longer be universal. Connector designs will be specific to each application.

Hospitals and health care providers worldwide will see a wave of safety standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regarding small-bore connectors – what many commonly refer to as “Luer connectors.”

The new connector standard allows users to integrate different manufacturers’ devices for like applications, but helps prevent delivery systems for unrelated applications from being connected. By standardizing connections, there will be less likelihood of therapy interruption due to connector incompatibility or unavailability.

Connectors which comply with the ISO standard are commonly called NRFitTM and covers “Neuraxial applications involving the use of medical devices intended to administer medications to neuraxial sites, wound infiltration anaesthesia delivery, and other regional anaesthesia procedures or to monitor or remove cerebro-spinal fluid for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.”

Source: ISO

Smiths Medical is incorporating the new-standard connectors to our existing CADD® and Portex® Neuraxial offerings. Our goal is to help our customers become aware of the new ISO standard, and help facilitate the steps needed for preparedness and adoption.

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NRFit is a trademark of GEDSA used with permission.