BLUselect® Tracheostomy Tubes

Every Breath Counts

You’ve asked, we’ve listened. After interviewing hundreds of clinicians, we've made improvements to our tracheostomy tubes to meet your patient’s needs. When caring for a patient with a tracheostomy, you should choose a tracheostomy tube that best suits their specific clinical need. The BLUselect® tracheostomy tubes have options for a variety of patients:

Color coded tubes and packages

  • Tubes and packaging are color-coded by size
  • Color coding intended to ensure the right size tube is used for the patient

Comprehensive tube sizes

  • With or without inner cannula
  • Cuffed or uncuffed
  • Fenestrated or unfenestrated

Laser printing on flanges

  • Product information cannot be altered by secretions or cleaning
  • Displays the tube size prescribed to the patient

BLUselect® Suctionaid® tubes

  • Suction created in the tube removes secretions from above the cuff to help minimize aspiration
  • This suction feature can be used for ventilated patient vocalization

Solid or checkered markings around tube

  • Indicates if the tube is fenestrated or unfenestrated
  • Markings indicate whether a fenestrated or unfenestrated inner cannula should be used as prescribed for the patient

SOFT-SEAL® tubes

  • Low pressure, high volume cuff designed to minimize trauma
  • Upon deflation, the cuff rests smoothly to the tube to aid in ease of insertion

BLUselect® tracheostomy tubes are not manufactured with DEHP plasticizers

BLUselect® Tracheostomy Tubes

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