BLUselect® Tracheostomy Tubes
Every Breath Counts

When caring for a patient in the ICU with a tracheostomy, you should choose the tube that best suits their specific clinical need. The BLUselect® tracheostomy tube portfolio was designed with patient comfort and long term care in mind.

BLUselect® Tracheostomy Tubes

The BLUselect® Tracheostomy Tube comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. It is available separately for surgical placement or included in percutaneous kits. It can be used for both inpatients and outpatients.

BLUperc® and BLUgriggs® Percutaneous Dilation Kits

BLUperc® and BLUgriggs® kits include everything needed to perform the tracheostomy procedure percutaneous or in conjunction with other procedures inside the operating theatre. These kits come in multiple configurations to meet the clinicians needs.

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