Patient Questions & Answers

Cleo® 90 Infusion Set


Please see below for some common questions and answers related to the Cleo® 90 Infusion Set


1) What is an infusion set?

An infusion set provides a constant connection between your body and the fluid application you use. This can be a pump or a fluid bag for example. Our Cleo® 90 infusion set has several components, including a cannula site , adhesive dressing, tubing, and a Luer connector. The cannula is inserted under the skin using an introducer needle. The site anchors the cannula with an adhesive dressing. Flexible tubing connects the site to the fluid supply. The Cleo® infusion set has an all-in-one design that includes a housing that acts as the inserter and contains an introducer needle and cannula.


2)  Where is the introducer needle?

The introducer needle is contained within the Cleo® infusion set.  The Cleo® set contains both a cannula inserter and a needle retractor for maximum control and convenience.  The Cleo® set automatically retracts the needle after insertion, reducing the chance of accidental needlesticks.


3) What is a cannula ?

A flexible, plastic cannula – in our Cleo® set made of Teflon® FEP - is inserted using an introducer needle.


4) How long can I wear the cannula?

A plastic cannula is very comfortable to wear and can remain inserted for up to 72 hours. However, the cannula can become kinked; restricting the flow of fluid, and it cannot be re-inserted if it becomes dislodged. 


5) What is the best way to insert an infusion set?

When inserting the needle, stand or sit up straight to prevent your skin from “bunching up” or wrinkling as you apply the tape or dressing. For children, parents may find it easier to insert the set in a child who is lying down.
If you are concerned about inserting the needle, you can numb your skin with a cold can of soda, a cold spoon, a small bag of ice, or a small ice pack prior to insertion. You may want to try a non-prescription topical numbing cream (such as lidocaine), or check with your physician/healthcare provider to obtain a prescription topical numbing cream, if necessary. Remember to numb the skin before you clean and prepare the site for your set insertion.


6) Can you see the infusion set when I am wearing it?

The site lies flat against your skin, with transparent, skin-friendly adhesive that breathes yet keeps water out. The tubing is clear, making the Cleo® infusion set comfortable and discreet to wear under your clothing.


7) Do I need to clean the site?

The site’s needle septum is self-sealing so you do not need to clean that area prior to reconnecting the buckle needle to the site. 


8)  How do I dispose of the Cleo® infusion set?

The Cleo® set acts as its own mini-sharps container and may be disposed of similar to your other sharps containers.

9)  What do I do if the Cleo® set adhesive sticks to the applicator instead of my skin?

If the Cleo® set adhesive sticks to the applicator instead of to your skin, use the following technique prior to attempting to insert the device:

  1. Grasp the barrel of the applicator with one hand
  2. With the other hand, gently place the tip of your index finger (without applying pressure) on the white adhesive rim.  Do not place your fingertip on the white dot.
  3. Gently lift up your fingertip then roll it off the edge of the barrel to remove and release it from the white adhesive rim

Proceed by following the remainder of the steps in the Instructions for Use.

10)  I inserted the Cleo® set but the purple casing is still hanging on...

The purple Cleo® set casing sometimes needs to be gently pulled away to release it from the adhesive disc.  When you are sure the adhesive disk has stuck, simply pull the casing straight away from the body and it will come right off.

11)  How do I remove the adhesive dressing?

There is a white dot on the outer edge of the adhesive disc that can be used to help ease the dressing off.  You'll notice the white dot does not have adhesive under it, allowing you to grab it and gently pull the dressing off.

12)  Where are the best insertion areas for children or slim adults?

The Cleo® set is a 90 degree infusion set that needs to be inserted into subcutaneous tissue.  In many cases there is sufficient subcutaneous tissue on the abdomen.  However on some children and slim adults it may be necessary to insert the Cleo® set on the outer thigh area or upper buttock where there is more subcutaneous tissue.  It is best to avoid areas that might be constricted or bumped, like the belt line, or that may contain scar tissue.  Users should consult with their healthcare provider to find out the best insertion points for them.

13)  When I disconnect the site, is there a cover to put on the site so I can go swimming?

The site’s needle septum is self-sealing so you don’t need to cover it.


14)  Do I need to clean the site?  If so, how do I clean the site before I reconnect it?

The site’s needle septum is self-sealing so you don’t need to clean that area prior to reconnecting the buckle needle to the site.  We do not know of any product tested and approved for cleaning the self-sealing septum.


15)  I am having problems with the Cleo® 90 infusion set.  There was no clear dressing on the inserter, the site did not stick, the needle didn’t insert, or the needle didn’t retract.

Please contact your local Customer Services department –details can be found at:


16)  What are the cannula lengths?

The Cleo® set is available with either 6mm or 9mm cannulas. If in any doubt about the best cannula length, users should consult with their healthcare provider.


17)  What is the needle size?

The Cleo® set has a 28 gauge needle.  The fine gauge allows insertion to be less painful than most infusion sets that have an introducer needle gauge of 26 gauge or 27 gauge.

18)  What are the tubing lengths?

You have a choice of 60, 80 or 110 cm tubing lengths to meet your needs.

19)  What are the materials used in Cleo® 90 infusion sets?

The cannula is made from Teflon® FEP (flourinated ethylene propylene).  Please refer to the IFU in every box for further details on other materials used in other parts of this set. 

20)  Can I get samples of the Cleo® 90 infusion set?  

Sorry, we do not have samples of the Cleo® 90 infusion set.  You may wish to speak to your diabetes educator or distributor for samples.


21)  Do you sell the sites separate from the tubing?