Fourteen-year-old Natalie needed our help.  Her ill-fitting tracheostomy tube caused her pain, so we did what we do best, and made her a Bivona tracheostomy tube.  Customized with layers of the softest silicone and sized to fit just right, she received her tube in time to enjoy a long holiday weekend.  Pain-free.  Because helping Natalie feel better?  That's what matters most.

Below is the full version of Natalie's thank-you poem to our team:

The Joy of Breathing

Living as if I’m always smothered,

Can break the heart of a mother,

The scents of all could not reach my nose,

Life’s beauties became like a punctured hose (I couldn’t even smell a rose),

Gasps of relief from time to time,

Pains in between seem like a crime,

Talking becoming the patient guess work of a mime,

But now life to me has open itself,

So that I can be as happy as a elf,

Baking cookies and smelling spices,

Who’s aromas entices,

Talking and walking with the best of glee,

And drinking my new peppermint ginger tea,

Oh, what new happiness I’m experiencing,

All pain abandoning!

Natalie, 14 years old, USA