SurgiVet® Advisor® Tech Vital Signs Monitor

Additional Features

ISA Sidestream anesthetic gas analyzer

The ISA sidestream anesthetic agent analyzer is available as an upgradeable item. ISA sidestream analyzers have the ability to measure CO₂, O₂, N₂O, anesthetic agents (HAL, ENF, ISO, SEV, DES) and provide automatic agent identification.

Wi-Fi module

Patient vital signs data can be wirelessly downloaded using a preconfigured Wi-Fi module.

Roll stand & mounting plate options

Options to mount the Tech on a wall or a roll stand. Both include an accessories basket for storage.

Programmable user configurations

The Advisor Tech allows for programmable user configurations. Up to 6 users can program their own preferences into the monitor and save them with ease.

Clinical calculators

To assist with the monitoring of your patient during anesthesia, the monitor has an easy to use drug calculator to safely manage drug administration. It includes a titration table and a Hemodynamic calculator to study blood flow as well as circulation of blood vessels.

Data manager software

The Wi-Fi module communicates with Data Manager software which is downloaded onto your laptop or PC. This software holds all patient vital signs data for review.

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