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CADD®-Solis v3 Ambulatory Infusion Pump, Online Training Course

Course Description

This course describes and demonstrates proper use of the CADD-Solis ambulatory infusion pump. The course includes a self-paced video module with a knowledge test. Participants are provided with step-by-step instructions on pump programming, alerts and alarms, and pump operation.

Please note that this is just one component of training. Additional hands-on training may be required prior to patient use. Please refer to the instructions for use and/or the operator’s manual for complete instructions, cautions and warnings.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the indications for use for the CADD-Solis ambulatory infusion pump
  • Demonstrate proper use and programming of the CADD-Solis ambulatory infusion pump
  • Describe proper response to the CADD-Solis ambulatory infusion pump alerts and alarms
Course Length
One hour

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