A Single Infusion Platform For Pain Management

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Analgesic Infusion Pump with Wireless Communication Module Report

CADD®-Solis Infusion System

Modern portable design with wireless connectivity and versatility for pain management

Multiple delivery methods delivered individually or in combination as required:

  • Continuous rate
  • Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB)
  • Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)
  • Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA)
  • Clinician Bolus


Intravenous pain management with the following delivery methods individually or in combination with each other:

  • Continuous rate
  • PCA dose
  • Clinician Bolus
  • Dosing with PCA dose key or remote dose cord


Epidural and subarachnoid administration in conjunction with Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB) and/or PCEA.

Peripheral Nerve Block and Surgical Site Infusions

Administration of peripheral nerve blocks and surgical site infusion with the ability to program PCA and/or Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB). Portable design supports patient ambulation.

How does the CADD®-Solis compare?

Read the ECRI evaluation report for CADD®-Solis v4 infusion pumps with wireless communication

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CADD®-Solis Patient-Controlled Analgesic Infusion Pump with Wireless Communication Module

CADD®-Solis Patient-Controlled Epidural Analgesic Infusion Pump with Wireless Communication Module

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Standardize to a single platform and differentiate
therapies to support patient safety

CADD Solis Pumps

Ability to segment your fleet by grey or yellow pump face plates

CADD Solis NRFit

CADD® products with NRFit® connectors help to eliminate the risk of misconnections

Standardizing our platforms with NRFit® connectors

Color-coded pump screens allow you to easily differentiate therapies to support patient safety

Smart pump features support patient safety

  • On-screen color graphs and trending data provide immediate patient assessment and helps support the clinician at bedside
  • On-board library holds up to 500 protocols that can be edited within the safety limits for specific patient needs
  • Pump programming errors are prevented by:
    • Soft and hard maximum and minimum programming limits
    • Tall man/Short man lettering
    • Support for full drug names
    • No trailing zeroes


Dosing graph

Delivery chart

Features of the CADD®-Solis Ambulatory Infusion System

CADD-Solis PCA Features

  1. Wireless Communication Module
    includes WiFi radio, antennae, and rechargeable battery pack
  2. Immediate visual indication
    of pump status with colour-coded status bar
  3. Drug protocol displayed
    on Protocol Bar with selected Therapy, Qualifier and Drug
  4. Wireless Status Indicator
    ensures pump is connected to the network
  5. Support security
    with keypad lock status indicator
  6. Home screen displays patient-specific delivery parameters
    with unit of measure
  7. Secure disposable attachment
    with cassette latch and key lock
  8. Navigation
    with soft key interface
  9. Eliminate numeric key press errors
    with scrolling keys
  10. PCA dosing
    with PCA dose key or handheld remote dose cord

Unique CADD™ medication cassette reservoirs

  • Durable, self-contained reservoirs lock directly onto the pumps to provide medication security
  • The pump and reservoir maintain a small footprint
  • Multiple sizes and color choices for therapy flexibility and visual identification
  • Flow stop feature helps prevent medication free-flow
  • Available with NRFit® connectors to help reduce the risk of misconnections

CADD® Disposables

Continuity of care with the CADD®-Solis VIP pump for at home use

  • Small ambulatory system supports patient mobility
  • Intuitive user interface may help to reduce patient training time1
  • Help screens assist patients with troubleshooting and may reduce clinician visits1

PharmGuard® Infusion Management System

One system for your entire platform

Wireless Communication

  • Deploy medication libraries
  • Update device firmware
  • Track device activity

Informed Decisions

  • Insight into medication delivery and compliance
  • Support patient safety
  • Improve device utilization
  • On demand reports available across the whole pump fleet

* Subject to availability

1. Brown, Thomas, D., Michael, Martha, Grady, David S., Implementation of Smart Pump Technology with Home Infusion Providers:
An Assessment of Clinician Workflow and Patient Satisfaction. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 2018, Nov/Dec., Vol. 41, No. 6.