Diabetes solutions from Smiths Medical via our
CozMore® Insulin Technology System.

Cozmore Insulin System

The CozMore® Insulin Technology System combines insulin pump therapy, blood glucose monitoring, personalized insulin pump programming and data management.

 Every CozMore®  System Includes
  • Deltec Cozmo® Insulin Pump   
  • CoZmonitor® Blood Glucose Module (U.S. only)   
  • CoZmanager® PC Communications Software

 Only the Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump includes all these features:
  • Deltec Cozmo® Insulin Pump is Waterproof!
    Every Deltec Cozmo® Insulin Pump is guaranteed to be waterproof when it leaves our manufacturing facility.
  • Small and lightweight; similar in size to a cell phone
  • Personalization of screens to fit your lifestyle
  • Custom bolusing by grams of carbohydrates or units of insulin
  • Correction bolus to accurately adjust for high blood glucose
  • Missed meal bolus alert notifies you if a meal bolus has not been taken
  • Site change reminder alerts you when you should change your infusion set
  • Blood glucose test alert reminds you to test your blood glucose

To find out more about Smiths Medical's Diabetes solutions visit our Diabetes web site at  www.CozMore.com

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