Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter

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The Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter is specially designed for sleep screenings and lab-based sleep studies. Its 4-channel analog output capability lets you select ETCO2 numeric value, ETCO2 waveform, inspired CO2, respiratory rate, heart rate, as well as SpO2 numeric and waveform displays. 

Product Features

  • Quiet System minimizes monitor noise
  • Breath-by-breath CO2 detection
  • Disappearing display and no audible alarms or pulse tones in sleep mode
  • Incorporates economical sidestream technology
  • Optional Remote Alarms

Product Benefits

  • Patented Serial Autocorrelation (SAC) pulse oximetry technology

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Specifications

Capnocheck® Sleep - Oximeter Accessories

Reorder CodeDescription
1101ADivided CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Adult
1102Pediatric O2 Nasal Cannula
1102PDivided CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Pediatric
1105Airway Adapter - straight with filter
1121Adult Oral/Nasal CO2/O2
1123Adult Oral/Nasal CO2
1130Pediatric Nasal CO2 Sample Line
1131Infant Nasal CO2 Sample Line
114015 ft. CO2 Sample Line
1151Pediatric Airway Adapter - without filter
1152Pediatric Airway Adapter - with filter
1187Moisture Trap Adapter
1300Disposable Adult Finger Sensor (over 45 kg)
1301Disposable Pediatric Finger Sensor (15 - 45 kg)
1302Disposable Neonate Finger Sensor (under 3 kg)
1303Disposable Infant Finger Sensor (3 - 15 kg)
161690V, 50Hz AC Charger
1873Capnograph Service Manual
3025Infant Wrap Sensor
3026Neonate Wrap Sensor
3043Universal "Y" Sensor
3044Finger Sensor
3049Microfoam Adhesive Strip (use with 3025, 3026, 3043)
3078Ear Sensor
3134Neonate Attachment Tape
3135Infant Attachment Tape
3137Infant Attachment Tape
3178Pediatric Finger Sensor (5 - 45 kg)
33115 ft Oximetry Cable
3311L15 ft Oximetry Extension Cable
3388GCX style Clarity® Series Roll Stand
3444Comfort Clip® Finger Sensor
5093ETCO2 Calibration Gas - 10% CO2, 21% O2, Balance N2
80448 ft. CO2 Sample Line
8061Calibration Gas Flow Regulator with Gauge
82114 ft. CO2 Sample Line
8217Calibration Kit with 5093 Cal Gas
8223Calibration Adapter
90143 Channel Analog Output Cable - Polysomnography
90154 Channel/Distance Analog Output Cable - Polysomnography
9048External 3.5 Micron Filter
WW3398NCRemote Alarm Cable 9004 Normally Closed
WW3398NORemote Alarm Cable 9004 Normally Open

Capnocheck® Sleep Oximeter

Reorder CodeDescription
9004050Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph
9004051Capnocheck® Sleep - Capnograph/Oximeter
9004550Capnocheck® Sleep - Capnograph Only, Portuguese/Italian MDD version
9004551Capnocheck® Sleep - Capnograph/Oximeter, MDD version

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