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GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. Safety Huber Needle

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GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. needles provide the flexibility of use including power injection of contrast media. The GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. needle allows for higher pressure and flow rates for power injections with PORT-A-CATH® POWER P.A.C. systems and other power injectable port systems

Product Features

  • Stable, cushioned platform
  • Strong plastic tubing (not manufactured with natural rubber latex)
  • Protected access site
  • Needlestick protection
  • Luer-lock connector

Ordering Information:

Box quantity: 12

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Specifications

GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. Safety Huber Needle - Needleless Y-site

Luer-activated, needleless y-site model of the GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. Safety Huber Needle

Reorder CodeGaugeLength (in)Maximum Flow Rate
21-3464-24205/8 inch5ml/sec
21-3465-24203/4 inch5ml/sec
21-3466-24201 inch5ml/sec
21-3467-24201 1/4 inch5ml/sec
21-3468-24193/4 inch5ml/sec
21-3469-24191 inch5ml/sec
21-3470-24191 1/4 inch5ml/sec

GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. Safety Huber Needle - Non Y-site

Non Y-site model of the GRIPPER PLUS® POWER P.A.C. Safety Huber Needle

GaugeLength (in)Reorder CodeMaximum Flow Rate
201 inch21-3362-245ml/sec
201 1/4 inch21-3363-245ml/sec
191 inch21-3364-245ml/sec
191 1/4 inch21-3365-245ml/sec
203/4 inch21-3367-245ml/sec
193/4 inch21-3368-245ml/sec
205/8 inch21-3369-245ml/sec

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