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For many years we have helped you to save lives and improve the quality of life of your patients in the hospital and home environments, through the provision of our user friendly ranges of Bivona® Tracheostomy tubes & our customization service. We are now taking this another step forward, by helping to improve the quality and ease of use of our service. This will help you to confirm that patients with unusual or difficult airway anatomy are fitted with a Silicone Tracheostomy Tube, that can provide comfort and efficiency.

You are able to design a tube using an easy to follow template, a Bivona® trachesotomy tube customization technician assembles the tube that matches your specifications and dispatch it using your chosen delivery option. If you have used the Bivona® tracheostomy tube customization service before, then you will know just how quick and effective it can be; a customized non-sterile tube can be shipped as soon as the next business day.

There are three updated templates that will assist you in determining which standard Bivona® Tracheostomy tube is best suited for you to adapt, fulfilling your patient needs; Fixed flange & Cuffless silicone tubes, Flextend silicone tubes, and Adjustable flange silicone tubes.

Download the latest templates:

  1. Fixed flange & Cuffless silicone tubes
  2. Flextend silicone tubes
  3. Adjustable flange silicone tubes

Frequently asked questions

A sample of the most frequently asked questions are listed but if you require further assistance, please use the following customer services link :

Q: What are my delivery options and time frames? A: This will be dependant on the service that you choose, the time of day that the order is submitted and where you are in the world. For markets outside of the US, we can process as express service which takes between 3–6 days from order to delivery. If you order from the US, this is more specific and is based on a 10am CST cut off time. The "Same day" service takes between 1–2 business days and dependant on the time the order is placed, "Express" is 3–4 business days service and "Standard" deliveries will take 7–10 business days. These are all for non-sterile customized Tracheostomy tubes. Should you require a sterile tube, available in all markets, this will take approximately 4 weeks. Please ensure you stipulate that you require a sterile tube on the template, if this is required. You will receive a non-sterile product if you do not confirm your wishes for a sterile tube.

Q: Does the deliveryoption have an impact on the price? A: Yes it does and this is not unique to our service. If an express expedited delivery is required it will often require our dedicated laboratory technicians working outside of their normal hours and a courier service which increases the cost too.

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

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